Sunday, November 25, 2007

Diane Magazine MakeOver

March 12
Rediscovering Barbara - A Diane Magazine Make-Over
Amazing things come my way from time to time. Well, it's that time again!!!
I go to Curves Fitness for Women just about everyday and have for the last 3 years. They publish a Curves magazine called "Diane" quarterly. I don't think they are distributed anywhere other than at Curves (all over the world). I read the magazine and saw a blurb asking if you were a member and had an interesting story, to send it in. So I mustered up my best 200 words and sent them the story about how my being chosen for the original Yoplait So Good Girls and my weight loss success story. I've lost 65 pounds!
Well, here's the amazing part...Curves magazine sent me to NYC for a make over including hair color, hair cut, make up, and fashion styling. Then they shuttled me off to a studio for photos to be used in the quarterly feature called "Finishing Touches". I was in the summer 2006 issue!!! I was so flattered and boy, was I excited!
The Yoplait experience, naturally, highlighted my daily use of yogurt in my diet to help me lose weight. Equally responsible, however, is the physical aspect and that's where Curves came in. Never before, in my life, have I been able to stick with any exercise program until now.
Curves is a no brainer. By that I mean that you don't really have to think about which machine to work on that day, or what do do first. You simply come in, change your shoes, and take a place on one of the recovery pads that isn't occupied. It's constant motion. A recording playing behind the zippy and inspirational music tells you to "change stations now" and everyone stops and moves to the next position. Resistance machines which address all the muscle groups give you a full range of motion workout. These alternate with recovery pads on which you keep moving by dancing, marching, or whatever inspires you. After 30 minutes you've gone around the room twice and then you stretch it all out for a few minutes and you're done.
Those of you who have been to a traditional gym know that you like one machine better than another. Sometimes you get to it and someone else is on it causing you to have to do something else while you wait. Hopefully that's to work out on a different machine but often it's just standing around till the machine is free. What a waste of time!
I love Curves because it's simple. There are women from all age groups and all sizes. I can deal with the 30 minute commitment easily. The club I belong to is right on top of the grocery store just down the street from where I live. I walk there and combine the tasks of shopping and working out every time I go. It's very efficient and it's also quite sociable. I've met and chatted with so many women. We share stories as we move around the circuit in unison. By working out at different times during the day I've made some terrific friends who share similar goals.
For anyone who hasn't been able to stick with a physical program, I highly recommend it.